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ศักดิ์ดา ประเสริฐสม
ศักดิ์ดา ประเสริฐสม

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The success of the IT giants, whose core competence has been software, is creating concern among regulators in Europe, the United States, and Japan for strategic moves that could allow them to control more of the flow of information. Microsoft and Google are unlikely to close the door on a software alliance in Europe that would permit the two firms to interoperate more easily. Google has already made a start on offering an Internet search service in Poland and is working with Nokia to offer the mobile phones of one vendor onto the screen of another.

The other large companies are also preparing for the potential fallout from a regulatory crackdown: Businesses have already prepared for a European antitrust probe into Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. Microsoft has been battling in Europe to retain its dominant position in IT infrastructure, while has been jockeying to enter other markets as it focuses on selling commerce over the Internet. The European Union is developing ways to define the rules of competition across national borders.

One such attempt is the London-based Trade Facilitation Agreement, which the European Commission is developing to bind the region's regulators so they can pursue a unified approach to trade. But the patchwork of national regimes in Europe adds a potentially expensive layer of complexity. The commission is working on a simple set of principles to establish common rules for trade, but hasn't taken the step of creating an agency to promote them. 3d9ccd7d82


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