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ศักดิ์ดา ประเสริฐสม

Ab Bulk Mailer 8 5 License Ndb Decommissioning [NEW]

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I am having tough time in aligning bullets in WordPress.\u00a0Bullets are bit misaligned in text format, hence posting the image format in top and text format in bottom. Will try to realign the\u00a0text format again.\n\n\n\nText Format:\nPolicy & Schedule\nlist \u2013 bppllist\nCreate \u2013\nPolicy \u2013 bppolicynew\nSchedule \u2013 bpplsched\n\nList and Modify\nAttributes \u2013 bpplinfo\nClients \u2013 bpplclients\n\n\nBackup selection \u2013 bpplinclude\nSchedule \u2013 bpplschedrep\nDelete \u2013 bppldelete & bpplsched\nList and modify DR policy \u2013 bpplcatdrinfo\nImage\nlist \u2013 bpimagelist \/ bpclimagelist\nInfo \u2013 bpimmedia\nCopy image in same NetBackup domain \u2013 bpduplicate\nCopy image between two different NetBackup domain \u2013 nbreplicate\nExpire \u2013 bpexpdate\nChange primary \u2013 bpchangeprimary\nCompress and remove \u2013 bpimage\nVerify backup image \u2013 bpverify\nlegal holds on backup images \u2013 nbholdutil\nImport NetBackup expired image \u2013 bpimport\n\nTape\nlist \u2013 vmcheckxxx \/ vmphyinv\nAdd \u2013 vmadd\nQuery \u2013 vmquery\nChange \u2013 vmchange\nDelete \u2013 vmdelete\nUpdate \u2013 vmupdate\nFreeze\/Unfreeze \u2013 bpmedia\nWrite or rewrite label \u2013 bplabel\nManage tape pools \u2013 vmpool\nTape drive configuration\nreconfigure the devices serial number change, verify and examine the tape drives connected to NDMP \u2013 tpautoconf\ncleaning of the tape drive \u2013 tpclean\n\n\nconfigures robots, drives, drive arrays, drive paths, and hosts \u2013 tpconfig\nupdate EMM database device mappings \u2013 tpext\ntape mount and un-mount \u2013 tpreq and tpunmount\nperform operator functions on drives \u2013 vmoprcmd\nBAR\nBackup \u2013 bpbackup\nRestore \u2013 bprestore\nArchive \u2013 bparchive\nList backed up\/archived files \u2013 bplist\nsearch files or folders \u2013 nbfindfile\n\nConnectivity\nBpclntcmd\ntest bpcd connections \u2013 bptestbpcd\ntest and analyze various configurations and connections \u2013 bptestnetconn\nanalyzes the NetBackup domain and its configurations \u2013 nbdna\n\nStorage unit\nInfo \u2013 bpstsinfo\nAdd \u2013 bpstuadd\nDelete \u2013 bpstudel\nList \u2013 bpstulist\nModify \u2013 bpsturep\nDisk Staging storage units\nAdd, delete and list \u2013 bpschedule\nModify \u2013 bpschedulerep\n\nNetBackup catalog database\nNBDB\nCreate \u2013 create_nbdb\nStart\/Stop \u2013 nbdb_admin\n\n\n\nBackup \u2013 nbdb_backup\nRestore \u2013 nbdb_restore\nUnload \u2013 nbdb_unload\nHealth check \u2013 nbdb_ping\nImage DB\nArchive \u2013 bpcatarc\nList \u2013 bpcatlist\n\nRemove \u2013 bpcatrm\nRestore \u2013 bpcatres\ncatalog format conversion \u2013 cat_convert\nexport image meta from NBDB to flat header files \u2013 cat_export\nimport image meta from flat files to NBDB \u2013 cat_import\nEMM DB\nupdate and view information \u2013 nbemmcmd\nstart nbemm \u2013 nbemm\n\nJobs DB \u2013\nCancel, suspend and list jobs \u2013 bpdbjobs\nFind jobs due in near future \u2013 nbpemreq\n\nstart and stop database server \u2013 nbdbms_start_server\nstarts and stops the Sybase ASA daemon \u2013 nbdbms_start_stop\nError catalog \u2013 bperror\nRecover selected NetBackup catalog components \u2013 bprecover\nNetBackup logs\nHandling unified logs\nConfiguration \u2013 vxlogcfg\nManaging log file generation \u2013 vxlogcmgr\n\n\nViewing log files \u2013 vxlogview\nCopy all logs \u2013 nbcplogs\nGathers a wide range of diagnostic information \u2013 nbsu\nDisk pool\nDisk pool create, delete, import and modify \u2013 nbdevconfig\nDisk pool query \u2013 nbdevquery\nremove deleted fragments from disk volumes \u2013 nbdelete\n\nBMR\nConfigure \u2013 bmrconfig \/ bmrepadm\nRestore\/discovery \u2013 bmrprep\nManage resources in BMR DB \u2013 bmrs\nManage SRT and Bootable CD \u2013 bmrsrtadm\n\nTrace an operation\nBackup \u2013 backuptrace\nRestore \u2013 restoretrace\nCatalog DB backup \u2013 backupdbtrace\nDuplicate \u2013 duplicatetrace\nImport \u2013 importtrace\nVerify \u2013


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