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Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a blessed week.

I am very excited because we are starting our annual 40 day prayer and fast the second week in February 02/06/2023, please put this time in your calendars.

Our focus will be ;

Prayer and Devotions on Praising God.

Some of the topics we will be focusing on include:

🙏🏾 Ego

🙏🏾 Forgiveness

🙏🏾 Love

🙏🏾 Faith

🙏🏾 Physical Health

🙏🏾 Emotional health



Our group will pray together and for each other as we embrace this fast and learn more about ourselves and God.

In order to stay focus we will also be using a journal on this 40 Day Journey.

The name of the journal is ;

Prepared for Reign ?

by Renee Bhagwandeen.

This journal is about soul searching , keeping focus and gathering yourself spiritually until Christ comes back for us.

I encourage you to meditate on the bible verses and specific activities used in this book.

You can get your copy on amazon . See link below.

We will have quite a few activities and home lessons to help us grow spiritually. I am very interested to see how each participant's lives will changed over 40 days .

The good thing is we can have it recorded in this Journal.

goal planning

During the 40 Days Renee will give her testimony on why this book was written and how it changed her life.

Please get you copy.

See link to order

Remember our start date is 02/06/2023.

Comment below to be added to the Watsapp Group to get started.

I thank you all for taking this journey with me. You will be stronger in your Faith walk and God will be glorified .
Blessings to everyone.


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