Day 1 for week two was very telling as I realized I was stressed out with work and eating bags of chips and chocolate. My trash can at my desk can attest to that. Today we will explore what is our response to suffering.

Do we: 1. Let it go as expected as it happens to everyone? 2. Think it is not fair in comparison to our friends and family? 3. Why me?

We live in a prominent country and have been spoiled to think we should not have any problems and that we should be living a problem-free life. What we must learn is, that not every problem needs to be fixed but we need to have problems or suffer. God uses these circumstances for growth.

Read James 1:2-17, what does verse 2 say our attitude to trials should be? _________________________________________________________________________________

Count it all joy when we receive these trials. We are in control of how we respond to these trials instead of thinking of them as things that we do not deserve we should turn it around and start thinking of them as what is the lesson here.

What can I learn from this trial or this suffering that I am going through right at this moment? If we focus our attention on living for God, then these trials become something different, it becomes a teaching moment and also gives us hope that we can overcome them because of the promises that God has given to us.

Read James 1:3- what does the testing of our faith produce? __________________________________________________________________________________ Perseverance means to continue the face of hardship and challenges.

Their are two ways you can persevere. With God’s protection it is easier to persevere, when food is your protection your response to the trial is most likely to give up and become discouraged.

Verse 12 - Who is blessed? _________________________________________________________________________________ You are blessed if you persevere through the trial rather than just go through it. If you focus on God’s promise and persevere and continue His way, we then become stronger and learn from it. On our own we tend to complain, eat unhealthy or overeat, and dwell on how unfair our life is.

If we change our perspective of the trials we face it not only builds our character but helps us to put on the character of Christ. God is there for us to ask for wisdom on how to manage trials and what is the lesson.

Going through trials under God’s guidance helps to build character but we also must be prepared to accept the answer to be yes, no or wait and then joy. When we eat it is easy but the joy is temporary.

James 1: 13-15 How are we tempted? __________________________________________________________________________________ Being human we have lusts that then tempts us causing us to sin which in turn becomes a trial.

Think of some sins that produce trials and feel free to share when we meet.

For me, when I become stressed or tired I turn to buying unhealthy food and sitting and eating more than I could hold and sit feeling bloated. Overeating can lead to trial of being overweight.

Another trial is laziness from not wanting to cook a sensible meal.

Just as we have boundaries for toddlers, we should respect the boundaries set forth by trials under God’s watch. He loves us and is our father and wants the best for us. He is not tempting us but also does not promise a trial free life. God is our constant.

We can turn to many different options to manage our frustrations in life but the result is temporary. We now must find that “NEW WAY” with God being the center for a worthwhile result and true growth. Read Hebrews 2:18 and share your interpretation ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Truth Journal Situation _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Emotion ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Belief ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Truth _____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What an awesome God we serve. He loves us and knows each of us. He is there for us and the one constant, let us choose Him over the eating, social media likes, complaining, and persevere through our trials and not go through it just because. Look for the lesson. 😊

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