On day three we are going to look at other options for trials that we face in our daily lives

Sometimes we must face trials because of things that other people have done or because of illness. No matter where the trial came from, our response should be to persevere and turn to God for help but as we all know that is not always the option that we choose. It is our human nature two say woe is me why is this happening, Get angry, and eat to make ourselves feel better.

Sometimes when we read the Bible and try to understand what it is trying to tell us to do today, we think to ourselves. Really???

When we do what the Bible says it will not only change our hearts, but it would also change our behavior, and then we experience the fruits of the spirit one of which is joy.

Let us review a real-life situation with Mary and Bill from the beginning of our study

Mary and Bill are married, they have two children and they both work full time. After work, Mary makes dinner while bill reads the newspaper. They all have dinner together; Mary then does the dishes washes clothes and helps the children with homework while Bill spends the rest of the evening watching television. Do you think Mary feels like she is experiencing a trial?

Real Life Options



Changing Bill

1. Divorce bill

2. Not a bill dash tried to get him to change

3. Do the work but punish Bill in other ways

4. Do the work with a “poor me” attitude

5. Do the work and eat ice cream

6. Do the work cheerfully, submitting to the Lord and forgiving Bill

7. Forgive bill and have the kids help with the work.

Note: we will learn how to forgive bill in the chapter on anger!

Using the above chart, let us use up arrows down arrows in the columns for happiness, God, changing bill, to indicate which would make me happy or close to God or change the situation and if it is questionable, use a question mark. We will discuss further on our next session on Tuesday your responses.

Our actions and thoughts do affect our character one way or another. If you continue to be angry at the situation, you are in and you trying to change a person you would end up being a very resentful and bitter person. The thought is to change your perspective and persevere by forgiveness and acceptance and becoming more accepting of people knowing that you cannot change people, but you can change your reaction or your response to the things that make you angry or annoyed. When you continue to lean on God for guidance and support in these situations you will then see the change in yourself and how you treat others and how you treat yourself thus leading to a more joyful life.

I can testify to this change that we reviewed today. The change in the way I respond two situations has improved my character and has added to my acceptance and forgiveness of people. The knowledge that I cannot change people, but I can change myself with God's help and direction has brought me to a much happier and content life. And I continue to learn and see the benefits of God’s way rather than my way. It is never going to be easy but with practice and perseverance it becomes easier every day.