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Today we will look at the hard part of submitting to God. Read Hebrews 12: 1-15

When we have trials and tribulations it comes with added stress and sometimes, we carry this with us without knowing or understanding how it is affecting us because we are on the inside looking out. Others may see the impact because they are on the outside looking in. in the same way it is difficult to move around or do the activities that we are accustomed to doing when you were a few pounds lighter it is harder to make the right decisions when we are carrying all these weights of trials that you experience on a daily basis.

By submitting to God, we open the door for greater blessings knowing that we persevered and chose to forgive and remove the anger and resentment and negative thoughts for joy.

Today's lesson talks about not focusing on what we are giving up but on what we are getting. The peaceful fruit of righteousness will be worth all that suffering.

Truth journal

__________________________________________________________________________________ Situation

__________________________________________________________________________________ Emotion






Week 2 Day 5

Failure is a necessary part of success. One of the things that Satan revels in, is a failure. Because he can step in and add negative thoughts, he enjoys using condemning statements about ourselves and planting them into our minds. That is why it is so important to always remember your first line of defense. God's strength.

When you feel you may have missed the mark or failed in your daily life or failed to reach your weight loss goal then your first thought should be to go to God for Support.

You should do the same if you missed your exercise goal, or fail in your studying, or whatever Boundaries you have set and missed the mark on. Then your first thought should be to go to God for support to help you. This is the only method to remove satan's lies from your mind and replace it with the truth.

Tips on how to manage failure

1. Get rid of the weight 2. Get rid of the sin 3. Fun with endurance 4. Fix your eyes on Jesus 5. Endure hardship as discipline

Trust in God’s promises and know that His truths in these verses will help break the stronghold of emotional eating.


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