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As we continue to navigate through the study, it is becoming evident on how we can easily lose sight of time with God.

This lesson will focus on the four reasons why we need to spend time with God.

1) We need to develop a close relationship with God by spending quality time with him. Each day the relationship with God will get stronger.

2) We must be cautious with Satan, leading us down worldly paths. But a close relationship with God will set us free.

3) We need to have God first not second in our lives.

4) We need to spend time with Him to mature.

The takeaway here is whether we are spending enough time with God or are our worries and other worldly things getting in the way.

If you find yourself more critical, less compassionate, less apathetic, and more selfish, today, then it is likely that you are not close enough to God.

Discipline is especially important in a relationship with God. If discipline is not your strong suit, then desire is important.





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