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At this point in the study, it is quite evident that living our lives around work activities and to-do lists can cause stress for many of us. Even with a to-list, we still don’t seem to have enough time to get things done.

As the text points out, the solution is not a change of lifestyle, but a change of heart.  The solution can be simple.  When we live our lives for God, we will find peace.  

We will look at two important issues that may be hindering us with relationships with others and God.

We will look at behaviors of perfectionism and procrastination.

As per the text perfectionism is all about expectations we have about others, expectations we think others have for us and ourselves.

Simply put, if you think things need to be done a certain way, you are probably a perfectionist. Setting high standards can cause us stress if we do not meet them.

Focusing more on what we think needs to be done than on God, we risk making our focus away from God, which can ultimately affect the relationship we have with God.

It can be difficult to stop a perfectionist behavior, but God can set you free. There are many lies that fuel perfection, including behavior like, if it can’t be done well, it is not worth doing!!

We truly need to examine our lives to determine if we are living a life of perfectionism and if so, make changes towards God’s ways.

The second behavior for discussion is procrastination.  Just like perfectionism, procrastination has multiple lies as well.  Behaviors like I can’t, it’s too hard, and such.

Replacing the lies with truths can make it a lot less stressful. Deconstructing projects into smaller more manageable tasks, and addressing them one step at a time, will lead to less stress and less to-do lists.

God can change you in this area in overcoming both procrastination and perfectionism if you trust in him and allocate more time to nurture the relationship.


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